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Various Artists / Come Play With Me - Come Play (+LIMITED FREE ZINE) (Come Play With Me Records)
Featuring the best of the Come Play With Me label, Come Play provides the highlights of the Leeds indie scene, including tracks from Truax & Konopinski, Fizzy Blood, and Magic Mountain, as well as some very special tracks including a Wild Beasts remix of Napoleon IIIrd and a track from Leeds legends The Wedding Present. From garage through to pop, Come Play with Me brings you the iconic sounds of our city!

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Legendary local label that's given so much local talent exposure it's unbelievable. Hand-picked pop, indie, hiphop, garage, rock and a who's who of bands from the vicinity. From Wedding Present to Fighting Caravans, Maggie8 to Ceiling Demons this is the perfect exposure for local artists! Recommended."

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RIIB / FURR - Conveyor Belt / Another Fable (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES)
Leading the next CPWM single is indie-math-pop-rock band RIIB. Initially the work of musician James Mainwaring of Django Django & Roller Trio, their new single ‘Conveyor Belt’ explores the punkier side of the band that Mainwaring built around himself for the project. Starting life when James was still performing as a singer songwriter, ‘Conveyor Belt’ soon became a full band piece when the rest of the band made their mark on it. Although it’s one of the more upbeat and playful of their live set, the lyrics counterpoint by addressing the harrowing state of the American farm industry and those trapped within it. Joining RIIB on the next CPWM single is Leeds four-piece Furr. Peddlers of no-nonsense pop melodies and huge riffs in the vein of QOTSA, Furr have enjoyed support from the likes of John Kennedy, Classic Rock Magazine & Upset magazine with their previous single releases. All living, writing, rehearsing and recording under the same roof, the group of musicians enjoy a kind of musical closeness and intuitive decision making most bands would kill for.

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Team Picture / Laminate Pet Animal - Split Single
Team Picture - 'Back To Bay Six' B/W Laminate Pet Animal - 'Eve'

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another fantastic double A-Side...Team Picture stun us with such a great guitar sound that flows so nicely through their experimental indie-rock brilliance. Laminate Pet Animal slay us with their experimental pop sound that takes in African rhythms, bass-tronics and synth grooves. Catchy as hell! Another winner from CPWM."

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Fizzy Blood/Officers - Sweat And Sulphur/Attack
LIMITED SIGNED COPIES! - Aiming to showcase the most exciting artists from the Leeds City region the first single released in November 2015 featured tracks from Harkin (Sleater-Kinney, Sky Larkin) and Cinerama (The Wedding Present, David Gedge). Now the latest single from the label looks to continue the trend of highlighting the awesome diversity of great music coming out of this part of the world with new tracks...

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another great split from Come Play With Me. Magic stuff with Officers giving up a fuzzed out pulsed up groover and Fizzy Blood boiling up an energetic riot! What a great double-sider!"

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Zozo / Esper Scout - International Waters / Gaps In The Border Fence
Jack Trotman of ZoZo: "‘International Waters’ is technically one of our oldest songs. It’s gone through many formations since the band started in my bedroom with Fred and Tom... We were wearing our influences on our sleeves very clearly…well more like on our backs like a footie shirt. That shirt would read ‘How many Talking Heads songs have we ever ripped off – 99." Says Sarah Statham of Esper Scout about their track: "Our song is rooted in Russia and other countries affected by the Cold War. Inspired by ‘How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin’, a documentary about the conflict of cultural control during a time of expressive restriction. Specifically the prohibition of Rock and Roll music, which forced music fans to find their own methods of exchanging records. From sneaking 7" flexi-vinyl between coat sleeves, to making guitars out of scrap electronics, which is referenced in the repeating line of Gaps in the Border Fence: ‘pickups made from telephone boxes.’"

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Maggie8 / Ceiling Demons - Connected / Lost The Way
Two local acts, on a local label, on the top of their game. Top stuff!!!

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Maggie 8 grace us with a Stereolab-ish earworm that's getting repeated listens and shop faves Ceiling Demons give us poetic leftfield magic...A double-sided delight."

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Magic Mountain / Jon Jones and the Beatnick Movement - Zodiac / No Brainer
Exciting new split single from local supergroup Magic Mountain and garage punk outfit Jon Jones and the Beatnick Movement. If you're fed up with the garage-rock norm, this is what you need!

Jumbo's Melissa Watson says "A heavy mix of Melvins, QOTSA and Cramps... exactly the kind of 'Don't give a fuck' noise you've been craving without even realising it."

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Various Artisits - Picture House Sessions (LSR x Come Play With Me)
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "A great coming together of three Leeds cultural icons. The Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds Student Radio (LSR) and local label Come Play With Me who, in their various ways, provide Leeds with so much joy and all come from the same passionate ethos and artist place. It sounds and looks wonderful with 4 bands (Jabbawoki. Kumiko, Laminate Pet Animal and The Seagulls) sessioning in HPPH and getting recorded and filmed doing some superbly impressive sessions. Like I say, a great coming together of minds and passions. Recommended!"

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Boxing / Park Fires - Circles / Wake Me Up
. Park Fires is the work of Emma Duffy and Rachel Lissenburg who together create richly layered, 80’s inspired electronic pop. This new single won’t be their first collaboration with Come Play With Me, in 2017 the band launched Her Music PR, a female focussed music PR company based in Leeds with a Women in Music event run in conjunction with CPWM. Talking about their new single ‘Wake Me Up’ the bands Emma Duffy said: "Wake me up reflects the mental battle with oneself, you long to be with that unrequited love and having that harsh realisation that the relationship will always be one sided. The worst part is that your mind keeps telling you to move on, whilst your heart is holding on to something that will never come true!" Joining Park Fires on the upcoming split single is Leeds trio The Boxing. Quickly gathering momentum and buzz with moody soundscapes, razor sharp melodies and hazy post-punk sound. The band have already garnered support from the likes of DIY, Dork, Clash and Louder Than War with the latter aptly describing this bright light of the Leeds DIY scene as “almost brutalist psychedelia". The Boxing’s contribution to the CPWM single is the winding, melodic and trippy ‘Circles’. Singer Harrison Warke said about releasing the single on CPWM: “It's a pleasant feeling getting our first physical bit of output under our belts. We just became a bit harder to erase, which I suppose is a comfort. Tony and CPWM made it happen so we're grateful for that too.”

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Golden Age Of TV / Engine - Television / And I Say
Having only formed a little over year ago, Leeds quintet The Golden Age of TV have already made a huge impression with their razor sharp, whip smart and perfectly crafted indie pop.Talking about their new single, the bands singer Bea Fletcher explains: "Television is a tune that's been with us for a very long time. It's our thrashy baby and it's developed alongside us as we've matured, whether that's been by expanding our sonic arsenal with new bits of gear or just honing our writing ability. This has always been one of our favourite tunes to play live because its our chance to just cut loose and go mad. We've closed just about every set we've played with Television and now we feel it's finally at a point to be presented on record." Joining The Golden Age of TV will be electropop quartet ENGINE. Surfing in from the outer rim of Burley and noisily settling on the Meanwood Nebula, ENGINE continue to blaze an individual DIY trail in Leeds.The bands singer James, explains: 'And I Say was conceived, written and recorded in the psychedelic surroundings of Haddon Hall in Burley, Leeds, looking out from the terrace across the great haze of Armley. The boys were inspired to write a track telling of the stresses and strains of maintaining independence, attempting to traverse the tightrope of life whilst not falling back into the same old unwanted relationships. The sounds were to be found in the dustiest cavities of the once opulent surroundings of Haddon Hall, down the sofa, under the bed and in the shower!'

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