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Mush - Alternative Facts
Mush are from Leeds. They play a kind of slacked out art-rock. The songs are melodic and highly music-orientated but weirdly catchy and infectious. New single ‘Alternative Facts’ is a ten minute critique of the increasingly familiar phenomenon of fake news and the movement toward soundbite-orientated politics. Set to a backdrop of driving repetitive rhythms, weaving guitar textures and off the cuff a-tonal vocal style, Alternative Facts is a catchy and refreshing single choice despite having to be pressed on both sides of a 7” due to the sheer length. Live performances have prompted the expected ‘guitar band’comparisons to the likes of Pavement, Television, Velvet Underground etc. Mush, however, play with an unhinged and experimental energy and purist intentionality that means they are ones to watch in their own right.

Jumbo's Adam Gillison says "This is what we want. Sloppy Pavement-esque freakout with some psych-y inflections. More goodness from the Leeds underground. Get in early..."

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE342S - £6.99

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Mush - Ex-Communique
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "This extended E.P. cements a range of ideas way beyond it's 5 tracks... Its fuzzed out, playful approach channels the slacker of spirit of Pavement and Sebadoh to create something way beyond these perceived influences. Big shop fave."

EP - Self Released - MUSH001EP - £7.99
Mush - Comment Section Creep / Luxury Animals (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES)

7" - Art Is Hard - AIH54 - £7.99

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Chupa Cabra - My Girl
The Too Pure Singles Club announce their first 7” of 2016, the wonderful Chupa Cabra. Chupa Cabra are an energetic, tinnitus-inducing 3 piece psych-punk band that rob bikes and shave dogs. They have a collection of traffic cones.

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE325S - £5.99Add to basket
Unqualified Nurse Band - Death Surf A52 / White Dove
A one note juggernaut that opens up into Dream Surf bliss, weaving its way through 50 shades of Rock and Roll with no intention of slowing down for anybody. It's significant other 'White Dove' staggers, struts then before you know it you're howling at the Harvest Moon.

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE339S - £6.99Add to basket
Bruising / Personal Best - What It Feels Like / Rollies
Too Pure have come out with another smashing split 7", this time featuring Leeds quartet Bruising have quickly become one of the hottest prospects around, gaining support for their fuzz laden guitar pop from the likes of NME, DIY, Pitchfork, and BBC 6 Music as well as earning a coveted Track Of The Week from the Guardian. On the flip side are Personal Best. Recorded at the wonderful Southsea Sound, their single 'Rollies' is about saying the same thing over and over again in a relationship, and the kind of mundane frustrations that can wear away at you. Sorry, it's not very romantic.

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE338S - £7.99Add to basket
Cassels - Flock Analogy
The Too Pure Singles Club present the forthcoming 7” by the fantastic Cassels. Brought together by the low lights of West Oxfordshire life before they were even teenagers, Cassels are an explosive two piece comprised of brothers Jim (guitar / vocals) and Loz (drums / vocals) Beck. The band combine massive slabs of grunge riffing with a punk aesthetic and socially charged lyrics expressing themes of isolation, anger, boredom and disillusionment with society at large.

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE335S - £5.99Add to basket
Seize The Chair - Knew You'd Never Been There
The Sheffield band are primed for the newest release on the Too Pure Singles Club. Check!!

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE343S - £6.99Add to basket
Thee MVP's - Sesh
In the final months of a year we can all agree has been caked in shredded nerves, it's only fitting that Thee MVPs newest single ‘Sesh’ is a 3 minute stomper of low tuned riffs set against some Weezer-style vocals, which addresses the issue of the ‘session’. It only takes about 10 seconds to realise the lyrics ain’t the happy message that’s being rolled out on the upbeat guitars. A song about dealing with your lot as a millennial and using the drink just a tad too much to see you through the week, it’s the Thursday morning rush of the guilts soundtrack you brought on yourself for already having two benders this week.

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE347S - £6.99Add to basket
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