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Paradise Lost - Gothic - Picture Disc
'Gothic' was the album responsible for a whole sub-genre: Gothic Doom Metal, upon its release in 1991. Creating a more melancholy & atmospheric form of dark extremity, with the introduction of Gregor Mackintosh's highly distinctive & unmistakable lead guitar melodies, Paradise Lost was quickly brought to the forefront as one of the pioneering bands of the early nineties, becoming highly influential to a generation of subsequent greats, including Katatonia.

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Paradise Lost - Host
Originally released in 1999, ‘Host’ earned PARADISE LOST their reputation as West Yorkshire's musical chameleon, as it saw the band moving further away from their previous death metal roots to a melancholic and catchier electropop sound.

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Electro Hippies - Only Good Punk Is A Dead One
Cult UK crust punk/metal act Electro Hippies was formed in 1985 in Wigan by Simon (drums) & Bruno (Bass), followed by Andy on guitars (and then vocals). The album was recorded November/December of 1987 at Lion Studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire, & saw a release the following year. It demonstrated a perfect att ack of lo-fi crust, hardcore and grind, with Electro Hippies also notably recording a session for the legendary John Peel. The band eventually split in 1989 though have always retained a strong cult following.

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