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Paradise Lost - Gothic - Picture Disc
'Gothic' was the album responsible for a whole sub-genre: Gothic Doom Metal, upon its release in 1991. Creating a more melancholy & atmospheric form of dark extremity, with the introduction of Gregor Mackintosh's highly distinctive & unmistakable lead guitar melodies, Paradise Lost was quickly brought to the forefront as one of the pioneering bands of the early nineties, becoming highly influential to a generation of subsequent greats, including Katatonia.

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Electro Hippies - Only Good Punk Is A Dead One
Cult UK crust punk/metal act Electro Hippies was formed in 1985 in Wigan by Simon (drums) & Bruno (Bass), followed by Andy on guitars (and then vocals). The album was recorded November/December of 1987 at Lion Studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire, & saw a release the following year. It demonstrated a perfect att ack of lo-fi crust, hardcore and grind, with Electro Hippies also notably recording a session for the legendary John Peel. The band eventually split in 1989 though have always retained a strong cult following.

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