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Jumbo Records Customer Privacy Policy

As an independent retailer, Jumbo Records has always been committed to protecting the privacy and rights of our customers. With the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect on the 25th May 2018, we have updated our Customer Privacy Policy. Some of the language by necessity may sound very formal, but we hope you will agree that the policy is in line with the spirit and principle of trust established between Jumbo Records and our customers since we were first founded in 1971.

Any references to Jumbo Records, “us”, “we” or our” in this privacy policy, are commitments of Jumbo Records Ltd, registered at Companies House under 08940926, whose registered office is 1-3 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8NG.

Acceptance of the Jumbo Records Privacy Policy
It is important that you read the Jumbo Records privacy policy and indeed the privacy policies covering other businesses whose websites you use. Your acceptance of our privacy policy is assumed through your use of our website and all associated services listed below. If you do not accept or agree with this policy then you should refrain from using our site/services immediately.

Jumbo Records reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy. Any changes will be posted on our website and you will be deemed to have accepted any changes following your first use of the site after any changes are made.

Browsing of the Jumbo Website
The Jumbo Website does not use cookies and Jumbo Records will not capture any information relating to any person accessing browsing our website.

Buying Goods from the Jumbo Website
As described in the previous section of this Privacy Policy, as you - our customers - browse the Jumbo Records website and select products for your “shopping basket”, we are not collecting any customer personal information. If you choose to make a purchase, you can select “pay via Paypal” from the Jumbo Records “shopping basket”. By making this selection you are agreeing to our passing shopping basket details to Paypal. Within the Paypal website you will be prompted to enter the relevant personal and payment details required to confirm the purchase (either via your Paypal account or via debit/credit card).

All arrangements relating to the taking of payment are handled directly between Paypal and yourself. When you have completed the payment transaction, Paypal will then pass back to the Jumbo Records website the following customer personal information: your name and delivery and contact details. We link this information to the details of the items being purchased and at this point we will send you a purchase confirmation email. If you choose not to complete the payment then none of the information you have entered to that point will be stored by Jumbo Records or Paypal.
Jumbo Records retains customer personal information so that we can fulfil the order and to do our utmost to provide exemplary customer service - for example we may use your contact details if there is an issue on availability of an item of music being purchased or if a gig is cancelled. We may use the some of the information on items purchased, to tailor the content of our sites e.g. displaying our best selling records or tickets.

Unless obliged to so in order to assist law enforcement or to comply with laws or regulations, Jumbo Records will not share the personal information with any other party and we are fully committed to compliance with all relevant General Data Protection Regulations.

Jumbo Records and Paypal
Jumbo has chosen to work with Paypal to provide internet payment facilities for our customers as they are an industry leading payment services provider.

In General Data Protection Terms, Jumbo Records and Paypal are both Data Controllers independently storing information on you as a customer and with responsibilities to you regarding data privacy. Jumbo Records is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of Paypal. You can access the Paypal Customer Privacy Policy from their website.

Jumbo Records has access to the transaction details stored by Paypal via the Jumbo Records Paypal Account. This does not include any payment card or Paypal account details. Any such access is covered by the Paypal privacy policy.

Buying Goods over the phone
For any orders taken over the phone, debit/credit card details will be entered directly into the card machines of Paypal for tickets or Barclaycard for all other items – music, books, tee-shirts etc. Jumbo Records does not record or retain any customer financial information. You can access the Paypal and Barclaycard Customer Privacy Policy from their website.

Jumbo Records Newsletter / Mailing List
During Summer 2018 Jumbo Records will start to write a newsletter that we will share with our registered subscribers on a regular basis. The newsletter will include the following types of content – information related to pre-releases, new releases, newly announced gigs and reviews of albums and gigs by the Jumbo Records team. We have chosen to start from “from scratch” managing the creation of a brand new mailing list managed under processes fully compliant with 25th May 2018 GDPR. We will be sending our details of the newsletter in the early summer and will make available options for our customers to subscribe from our website.

We will use Mailchimp for maintaining the distribution lists and distributing the newsletters. If you select to join our subscriber list, you are giving your permission to let us store the data you provide us on Mailchimp. Before you chose to do so, you should review the Mailchimp Privacy Policy and Terms (there will be links from any invitation).

We will only store your data (via Mailchimp) and include you in the Jumbo Records mailing list, if you have positively chosen to receive the newsletter via options that will be available on our website in the summer. For absence of doubt, you will not be in the mailing list simply as a consequence of being a Jumbo Records internet customer. The customer data stored as a result of your buying goods from our website and the data stored for the mailing list, are maintained independently.

If you do subscribe to the mailing list, you will be able at any point to alter the information you provided to us, or you can choose to have all your data deleted.

Third Party Websites
The Jumbo Records website shares links to other websites provided as a service to our customers, e.g. for specific gig venues. Jumbo Records and not responsible for privacy policies or practices of any third party sites linked in our website. Consequently, we advise you to read their privacy policies before submitting data to those sites.

News of the forthcoming changes to the Jumbo Website!!
Note that during the summer we will be launching a new website. We are hoping you are going to like it – it will be more user friendly and easier to use, more informative and hopefully more fun. With the objective of providing a better experience for our customers, we may at that stage ask you if you want to create a Jumbo Records “account”. If you do and you allow us to store your name and address that will speed up “check-out”. We also hope to introduce new features such as record/ticket “wish lists” which will enable you to maintain a list of music/tickets you are interested in that you can review, edit or remove, on visits to the site. As and when these features are available, we will clearly explain at the time the purpose for holding your contact and billing address information and offer you the opportunity to register a Jumbo Records account. If you choose to let us store this information, you will of course at any point be able to change any details you enter or indeed ask us to delete all information relating to your “account”. We would be holding this information solely for the purpose of improving your experience of using the website and would abide by the relevant General Data Protection Regulations including not sharing the data with any third parties. For absence of doubt, at this stage these are just possibilities for the future that we want to make you aware of as we are excited about the changes and the improved experience we will be able to offer.

If you have any questions regarding Jumbo Records privacy policy please contact us by email - or call us on 0113 245 5570.

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