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Richard King

The Lark Ascending (Hardback Edition)



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A Book of the Year, ROUGH TRADE
A Book of the Year, MOJO

'A valuably original book.' Observer

'This is a book to set you thinking and maybe don the headphones and the Gore-Tex, and stride out, modish and unashamed.' Stuart Maconie, Mail on Sunday

'Exceptional.' Irish Times

'A peerless cultural history' - Ian Thomson, Evening Standard

The Lark Ascending is a lyrical exploration of how Britain's history and identity has been shaped by the mysterious relationship between its people, its music and the landscape. Taking Ralph Vaughan Williams�s most celebrated and popular composition as a starting point, The Lark Ascending examines attempts made throughout the twentieth century to redefine and reimagine our natural world in the hope of realising the sense of freedom symbolised by a lark in flight.

King�s pilgrimage into rural Britain takes him from the west coast of Wales to the Lothian Hills, from the Thames Estuary to the Suffolk shoreline � and from Vaughan Williams to the more radical folk revivalists of the 1930s; from Under Milk Wood to Kes; from the Back to the Land movement of the 1970s to songs sung around the fires that provided warmth to the Greenham Common women�s peace camp; from the Kinder Scout mass trespass to the Castlemorton free festival.

It is a journey that questions the bucolic fantasy of a 'Green and Pleasant Land' and celebrates instead the communal experience of gathering together under open skies to the accompaniment of music, the art form that Vaughan Williams insisted was the �soul of a nation�.

The Lark Ascending is a national story that hasn�t previously been told; a celebration of the changing nature of the British countryside.



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