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Richard Thompson

Beeswing: Fairport, Folk Rock and Finding My Voice, 1967-75 - DUE 15th APRIL 2021


Beeswing is the autobiography from world-renowned artist Richard Thompson, co-founder of the legendary folk rock group Fairport Convention.


Further Information

Guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson came of age during an ex-
traordinary moment in British culture: it was 1967 and popular music was

reflecting a great cultural awakening. In the midst of this, eighteen-year-old
Thompson co-founded Fairport Convention and helped invent a new genre of
Thompson packed more than a lifetime of experiences into his late teens and

twenties. From the pivotal years of 1967 to 1975, he matured into a major mu-
sician, survived a devasting car crash and departed Fairport Convention for a

duo act with his wife, Linda, at the height of the band's popularity. His discov-
ery and ultimate embrace of Sufism profoundly reshaped his approach to

everything in his life and, of course, the music he wrote thereafter.
In Beeswing, Thompson goes back to his childhood, recreates the spirit of the
sixties and takes us inside life on the road in the UK and the US, crossing
paths - and occasionally sharing the stage - with the likes of Led Zeppelin,
Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Jimi Hendrix and more.

An intimate memoir of musical discovery, personal history and social revela-
tion, Beeswing - like Patti Smith's Just Kids or Marianne Faithfull's Faithfull -

vividly captures the life of one of Britain's most significant artists during a
heady period of creative intensity, in a world on the cusp of change.



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