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The Secret DJ

The Secret DJ



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TRADE PAPERBACK EDITION, Published by Faber & Faber, 7th June 2018, currently available to pre-order

The Secret DJ is a globally known DJ who is choosing to keep his identity a secret.

Discover the reality of being an international DJ in this sensational expose of what really goes on behind the beat. The glamour, the parties, the excess, the highs: and, of course, the lows. The
life of an international DJ playing at the most exotic destinations worldwide, in the most precarious of psychic circumstances, is rich to the point of toxicity. A globally-known DJ choosing to keep his identity secret takes us on a
journey into the heart of life lived in the hedonistic fast lane of club culture for 30 years. Whether playing to 10,000 fans in Ibiza or in a local pub function room, this is a cautionary tale for the rave generation whose days of pills, thrills, and bellyaches are behind them. It may, as well, contain advice: though we cannot advise that it is always followed. This book is not an instruction manual - more a cautionary tale that may
illuminate anyone who has harboured ambition to pack a dancefloor...



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