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Various Artists - Out On The Floor Part 2

LP: £16.99

Label: Inferno

Release date: 23.10.2015

Further Information

In November 1979 Neil Rushton's Inferno label released a Northern Soul compilation album "Out On The Floor Tonight" from tracks it had issued on 45s. The LP came out with no fuss, and in the mad frenzy of all things Northern Soul at the time it was issued, sold OK, and was soon forgotten as other new releases came along. In the 1980's, UK released Rare Soul compilations became the flavour of the month and "Out On The Floor Tonight" quietly built up a following, before being hailed as a classic of the genre towards the end of the decade by a new Mod scene and the UK "On The Run" Scooterist juggernaut. In more recent times, the Soul Soul renaissance has seen the album hailed as iconic, and several leading movers and shakers on the movement have praised the LP as being their perfect introduction to the strange but wonderful world of Northern Soul. Many people are acknowledging Out On The Floor Tonight", the first model, as their all time favourite Northern Soul album. In the spirit of that, Part 2 features 3 tracks also featured in Part 1 - the other 13 hand picked tracks (no fillers here) are all time classics too. Two tracks, Luther Ingram Orchestra "Exus Trek" and The Crow "Your Autumn Of Tomorrow" are featured in Elaine Constantine's film "Northern Soul". This really is "16 Classic Northern Soul Floor Fillers", so all the signs are that this much delayed "follow up" will earn the same credibility as the first release.



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