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Swans - Great Annihilator

2 x LP: £24.99

Label: Mute

Release date: 05.05.2017

2 x CD: £12.99

Label: Mute

Release date: 05.05.2017

Further Information

The album was entirely remastered by Doug Henderson but only after Bill Rieflin (‘Honorary Swan Forever’) recently tracked down DATs and cassettes containing unmastered mixes from the sessions. Michael Gira describes the discovery as “a revelation of great sonic effect.” Talking about the recording, Gira said “I lived in a tent in a mosquito infested studio right next to Cabrini Green in Chicago for what (?) something like 3 months, rarely leaving. Band members and Jarboe and Bill Rieflin etc came and went, and somehow we crafted this thing into what it became.”

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