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Maggot Brain (Issue #11)

Maggot Brain (Issue #11)



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Maggot Brain is a full-color, quarterly magazine edited by noted Detroit scribe Mike McGonigal: 100+ pages packed with phenomenal content art, music, literature, unpublished archival material, and more with a simple promise to only exist on the printed page. ON THE COVER: This issue is dedicated to the memory of astral traveling saxophone colossus PHAROAH SANDERS, with a tremendous evaluation of his most important work by the great music writer Andy Beta as the cover feature, rare images by Leni Sinclair, and a brief remembrance by film director Jeff Feuerzeig. COLUMNS: - Lucy Sante - New column is about her collage practice, which was unknown until recently. Unsurprisingly it's great work. - Mimi Lipson Returns with another advice column filled with warmth, humor, and even advice. - JAZZ ROUNDTABLE with Ben Jaffe, Sam Cohen, Bekah Flynn, and Makaya McCraven: New Orleans entire history as refracted through the work of Charlie Gabriel of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, an absolutely deep and important piece we are so stoked for. - THINKING FELLERS An overview related to new reissues, written by none other than your favorite writer from Bananafish. - SOME CHURCHES Amazing images of small churches, rural and urban, from the collection of the Library of Congress. ALSO FEATURING: MICK COLLINS Tremendous career-spanning feature on the Gories/Dirtbombs frontman by the great RJ Smith. LAMBCHOP. A great new album for Merge and an expansive theater piece Kathy Lindenmayer goes deep with leader Kurt Wagner. XV Detroit's new no wave supergroup deconstructs an interview, with musician Adam Taub. GHOST RIDERS 60s/70s North American downer psych-pop/ garage Coming of Age Garage Ballads, Glen Morren turns in a lengthy overview. ERNEST HOOD A feature on the heralded Pac NW ambient composer, amazing ephemera to choose from courtesy the RVNG peeps. THE HI RHYTHM SECTION - Tennie, Charles, and Leroy! An often hilarious feature by Jason Gross from Perfect Sound Forever. EDEL RODRIGUEZ. Contemporary Cuban-American graphic artist interviewed by Britt Daniel from Spoon. they've collaborated together. WEDNESDAY KNUDSEN An overview of the work of this genius rural Massachusetts- based contemporary zone folk goddess, by Michelle Dove. ALPACA BROTHERS In depth feature by Matt Goody (whose new book on Flying Nuns history is a must). MATTHEW DICKMAN. The great skater poet and poet/skater, introduced by Alex Behr. CHARLES GILLAM SR. Gabe from Desert Island interviews the New Orleans-based music obsessive and folk artist. KING KONG. Former Homestead Records honcho Ken Katkin is here with ten trenchant observations on a reunion show by Louisville's finest.



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