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... Various Artists Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys (Missing Music 8) Release Date:12.04.2024

Another volume of his superb Missing Music series see's yet more Bradfordian music get unearthed.

If you've got the books then this is essential, if you haven't then you need them.

By Matt

... Broken Chanter Chorus Of Doubt Release Date:05.04.2024

An uber catchy cross-over gem. Full of Scottish charm and a sort of playful post-punk-funk that rides through it's indie-pop charm.

By Matt

... Bobby Garrett / The Bob & Earl Band My Little Girl Release Date:29.03.2024

Terrific two-sider with the vocal and instro on this rare but massive spin. Good old Kent do it again!

By Matt

... Groundhogs Thank Christ For The Bomb Release Date:29.03.2024

Classic Groundhogs from 1970... Loud, heavy blues rock crossed with elements of the then-newly emerging prog sound.  Raw, experimental and dirty ...

By Adam

... Jesse Davis / Gus Jenkins Night Bloomin' Jasmin / Tricky Too Release Date:29.03.2024

I've been waiting for 'Night Bloomin Jasmin' to come out on vinyl ever since I first heard it on one of the Mod Jazz series. It's a gorgeous jazzer ...

By Matt

... Various Artists This Is Mod Release Date:29.03.2024

Bang on tracklisting from Dean Rudland giving the light of day of vinyl from these rare but brilliant diamonds ...

By Matt

... Various Artists This Is Street Funk Release Date:29.03.2024

Dean Rudland and the BGP crew at Ace Records do it again ...

By Matt

... Sheer Mag Playing Favourites Release Date:01.03.2024

The new album on THIRD MAN RECORDS by SHEER MAG is a juicy joint that channels some catchy power-poppin' glam grooves and 70's rock vibes into a sweet drive-time boogie-rockin' listener.

By Matt

... Sorcerers I Too Am A Stranger Release Date:01.03.2024

Another doozy from ATA Records. The third LP outing for The Sorcerers and again it comes up with the goods ...

By Matt

... Omni Souvenir Release Date:16.02.2024

Atlanta trio return with some of their best work yet! Personal highlight is 'Granite Kiss' - with Frankie Broyles adding yet another classical riff to his already extensive repetoire.

By Spike

... Various Artists (Bob Stanley & Jason Woods) FANTASTIC VOYAGE: NEW SOUNDS FOR THE EUROPEAN CANON 1977-1981 Release Date:26.01.2024

Immeccably put together, Bob Stanley And Jason Woods offer us another vision of awe inspiring music melded together through a European lens. Forays into Ambient, electronica and synth-led grooves ...

By Adam

... Various Artists (Jon Savage) Jon Savage's 1983-1985 - Welcome To Techno City Release Date:26.01.2024

Another melting pot of sounds, styles and often forgotten (yet ground-breaking) cuts. Like Jon's writing this absolutely rips and is the perfect companion piece for his books ...

By Matt

... Ultrasonic Grand Prix (Little Barrie & Shawn Lee) Instafuzz Release Date:19.01.2024

Juicy and full bodied brilliance that mixes freaked out fuzziness, warm bubbling percussion, tripped-out beats and belting ideas...All centred around a bluesy radio static station ...

By Matt



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