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13.04.19 - RECORD STORE DAY 2019

Here's the latest news about Record Store Day this Saturday…

Our list of releases is now ready with prices and is shown below. The prices are subject to change as not everything has arrived yet, but in general we think that this is as accurate as can be at the time of writing...

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The shop will open at 8.30 am - possibly a few minutes earlier if everyone is ready! - but the Merrion Centre will be open from 6.30 am. If you queue before the shopping centre opens, please do so at the Wade Lane side - that's the side closest to our front door, near Charlotte's sandwich shop and the Key Club entrance. These shopping centre doors will open first, and we would ask that people walk the short walk up to the shop in an orderly fashion when the centre opens - no queue jumping, please!

Charlotte's, Greggs and Caffe Nero are all nearby for morning refreshments! There is also a Costa on the other side of the Merrion Centre.

As usual, we will be doing a presentation of live music as well, and this year we will be teaming up with local label COME PLAY WITH ME, and also once again with one of our favourite local bars, THE SOCIAL. The Social is situated on Merrion Street, around 2-3 minutes walk from Jumbo. Live music will be shared between The Social and Jumbo, with performances from BANG BANG ROMEO, LEMON SHAVINGS, TALKBOY, UNCLE BUZZARD and LUNAR SOUNDS, as well as an interview with the UKRAINIANS. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Engine will not now be playing, but their slot has been taken up by Lemon Shavings, a young band from Horsforth. Timings as follows:

12noon JUMBO RECORDS Talkboy

1pm THE SOCIAL Lunar Sounds

2pm THE SOCIAL Lemon Shavings

3pm JUMBO RECORDS Ukrainians members - interview / signing session

4pm THE SOCIAL Uncle Buzzard

5pm JUMBO RECORDS Bang Bang Romeo

If you want to buy tickets or normal stock items you don't need to join the queue - we will serve you as and when you come to the left hand side of the counter.

As usual on Record Store Day, we will place some restrictions on what you can buy – each title will be limited to one per customer to allow a fair spread for everyone and cut down on any potential profiteering after the event, which is something that we are committed to trying to reduce as much as possible. The day is about music fans and the record shops that they support and should NOT be abused in an effort to make a quick buck.

Please note that there is NO discount available on Record Store Day items - not for NUS, Leeds Card, Leeds United Supporters Trust, big orders, young person's railcard, senior citizens, regular customers or long-distance travellers! Sorry about that - same price for everyone.

Although we are stocking the vast majority of Record Store Day releases, we cannot guarantee how many of each title we will have in stock, and inevitably a small percentage of releases will not arrive on time, so if you plan to queue, please think of alternatives to your first choices to avoid disappointment.

If you've got any specific enquiries, please ask - we'll do our best to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to seeing you on the day.



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