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Como Asesinar a Felipes - Como Asesinar a Felipes (remastered)

LP: £22.99

Label: Clouds Hill

Release date: 01.12.2023

Format Info: Transparent Orange vinyl

In Stock and Available For Dispatch

Further Information

Como Asesinar a Felipes (CAF) from Santiago, Chile, displays their rhythmic existential poetry over a grounding produced by organic instruments. On the same platform elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock, classical and electronic music meet, creating a mix that has stood out for its originality, atmosphere and a lot of energy during its live performances interpreted through a signature that is uniquely their own: saturated, technicolor hues of sound painted on a dark psychedelic canvas. In 2008 their self-titled debut record was released which gained remarkable attention throughout Latin America and especially their home country Chile. Now, 15 years later, it was time for a fresh sound and a remaster. Soon after the digital release of the remastered album, the record will be released on vinyl for the first time ever



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