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Como Asesinar a Felipes - Endlos

LP: £21.99

Label: Clouds Hill

Release date: 01.12.2023

Further Information

Endlos (German for "without end") is the new sojourn of a voyage in which time is a diffuse factor. As a proof, here coexist the preterite indefinite and the present indicative of CAF, manifested in the compositions and arrangements provided by the group's lineup, a combination of classical essence and creative horizons always-in-evolution. The four pieces of Endlos form a path of airy texture, a space of deep reflection, aided by trickily subtle melodies. Anxious responses expressed in a calm mood along with a high charge of emotional energy govern the songs. The five performers unravel the creative chaos and embrace risk-taking to provide coherence to Endlos, a trial that helps paint a new canvas in a veritable gallery of realities always on the verge of hallucination. With this new record Como Asesinar a Felipes gets closer than ever to the concept of collective, displaying its greatest virtue: the ability to put time on its side

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