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Uranium Club - Live At Acri Taun

LP: £23.99

Label: Castle Face

Release date: 13.04.2018

CD: £14.99

Label: Castle Face

Release date: 13.04.2018

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“Have you seen Uranium Club live? No? Drop everything. They are complete-package slayers. Watch- works drummer power, shred-haired bass magic (glasses flying), ripped twin guitar flexing on nerd beach, vocals poured through the skylight into your e-holes and over your thought center, sunglasses all around: fucking hypno- wheel. “Tough, smart, and wiry, midwest exploded all over the globe. Minneapolis, a city known for producing the best, has taken no nap on these young men: the driest tone, the snappiest hooks. They are simply great and this recording captures a particularly good night. They Shred ‘til everyone’s dead, including a nine-minute jam , god help us. “Here’s something to make you feel good about the world, to know that we have extended a strong art-handshake to our brothers and sisters in Italy. Vivia l’italia! Ciao, bella.” —John Dwyer



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