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Various Artists - Twisted Wheel

LP: £15.99

Label: Outta Sight

Release date: 06.11.2015

Further Information

When the Wheel opened its doors to Manchester’s new wave Modernists in September 1963 - with DJ Roger Eagle behind the decks - the course of rare soul music in the UK was set to change. Eagle was a rare breed R&B pioneer and soul preacher who captured the imagination of the North’s musical youth and introduced them to the obscure, unheard, exotic and intoxicating world of black American dance music. Here, we present a soundbite spanning the clubs 8 year reign, and both of its venues. Side A represents the Wheel’s R&B roots cemented in Brazennoise Street, while Side B documents the birth of Northern Soul, forever synonymous with Whitworth Street. “KEEP THE FAITH” .



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