The Shop is closed during Lockdown, but the website is open 24/7 with deliveries going out daily


Hello everyone

We are pleased to report that we will be re-opening on Monday June 15th and look forward to welcoming you back to the shop.

Rather than making a grand re-launch, we will be opening up the shop in a series of steps. As you all no doubt appreciate, nothing is the same as it was three months ago, when we were last open. When you come to the shop you’ll see that we will have made a number of changes designed to ensure the shop is as safe as possible with strong social distancing and hygiene measures in place, but still ensuring what we will hope will be the Jumbo Records shopping experience that you are used to. The phased opening will allow us to assess how you all feel and to make any further changes that we think are needed.

So our opening hours for that first week (beginning Monday 15th) will be as follows:

Monday 15th 10am to 2pm
Friday 19th 10am to 2pm
Saturday 20th 10am to 2pm

IN ADDITION: Most other times we will be back in the shop and if you want to come and see us at other times than the above, we’ll happily book you in for a visit. Just ring us on 0113 245 5570, or better still email us on to arrange this. Let us know if you are just wanting to call in to pick up something that you have ordered, or if you want to come and browse that’s fine. We can book you in for 15 minutes' browsing or 30 minutes' browsing as you choose. We will take no more than 2 appointments for any given slot so you will almost have the record shop to yourself! You can even come and tell us what you would like to hear on the shop stereo if you want…

We will assess on a day by day basis and if it makes sense to increase the opening hours we will do so.

Many of you have chosen to shop online with us in the past few months. We hugely appreciate this - it has allowed us to keep trading - and we strongly hope that many of you will continue to do so. In the short and indeed the longer term this will be an essential part of our business. We think that even in our online capacity we can offer our own unique service, with deliveries by hand where practical, advice and help with enquiries.

We will be encouraging 'click-and-collect' style of ordering - ordering online and picking up from the shop. We have moved the racks on the right hand side of the shop to allow you to come straight to the counter for this purpose, or join the queue there where necessary, all the time being able to maintain appropriate social distancing etiquette.

If you want to browse, you will be asked to use hand sanitiser as you come in and / or wear the disposable gloves provided. There will be a one way system round the shop if you are browsing and of course limits on the number of people who can do so. Initially there will be no more than 5 customers allowed in the shop at any one time. If we are full, we’ll ask you to queue in front of the shop window. We would ask you not to take albums out of their outer PVC sleeves. We have re-organised the racks in the shop to allow both social distancing and a steady flow of customers. We think you will have fun navigating your way round the new layout.

We are taking the utmost care and attention to protect our customers and staff and have undertaken a very thorough risk assessment based upon which we have implemented our safety policy and supporting measures .

We wish you all the best of health and hope that our re-opening can in some small way make a positive difference in this most challenging of times.

We hope to see you in the shop sometime soon.




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