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14.08.20 - RECORD STORE DAY 2020


At Jumbo Records we love the tradition of Record Store Day. A big part of that is the queues that form of excited customers. However we have decided it’s not right for us to take a chance on this. The bottom line is that your safety is paramount for us, so we have therefore taken the decision to implement an appointment based system for the August 2020 RSD.  

Appointments will be in one hour slots, 8-9; 9-10; 10-11 etc, with each hourly slot having a limit of 16 people. Slots will be available to be booked from 10:00AM on Saturday 22nd August. We will ask you to apply for an appointment via an online booking (on our website) and there will be a small number of slots available to be booked over the phone and in the shop. The majority will be available for allocation online and our guidance is that this is the best means of getting an appointment that works for you. Allocation will be on a first come first serve basis and when fully allocated you will no longer be able to book slots for a given period. When you have successfully booked an appointment you will be sent a confirmation email which will give full instructions.

We will ask you to arrive just before the start of the one hour period. We will randomly allocate your place in the queue for that one hour period – you will be informed of this on your arrival so there is no benefit in arriving early. Jumbo Records and Merrion Centre staff will be there to assist and ensure completely a relaxed and stress free RSD experience. Our friends at Konga Coffee next door will be open from 8:00am and will take orders for coffees, breakfasts, cakes, etc.

One advantage of the appointment system is that once made, we will be in contact with you to confirm the records that you are after. Note that we are not committing to have all the records that you would like. Similarly we know that some of you have wish lists and alternative options, so we are not asking to commit up front to purchases and you can change your minds. We are just looking to have at least some of your records ready, so that we can speed up the serving process and therefore the time our customers need to spend in the queue. 

This has been a difficult decision to take. We fully appreciate some of our friends who we see at the front of the queue every year were planning to do exactly the same this year to ensure the best chance of picking up all of their choices. We hope you understand that we are taking these steps purely with your safety in mind and wish you luck grabbing a great spot via the appointment booking systems that we will put in place. 

We will be providing more details about the appointment booking process in advance of Sat 22nd but if you have any questions/queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch this week.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you for what should be a fantastic RSD, albeit in unusual circumstances!

Love, all at Jumbo!




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