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RSD 2020 August 29th Update:-

Record Store day is the biggest event in our calendar and one we know staff and customers alike look forward to each year. The world has changed since RSD 2019 and so this year things are going to be done a little bit differently with 'RSD Drops', where the planned releases will be spread out across three days in August, September and October. As much as we’d love to treat each drop as an RSD and see queues round the block, we feel we have a bigger responsibility to keep our staff and customers safe whilst also keeping the RSD spirit alive - therefore we’re doing things a bit differently. We’ll be operating an appointment based system whereby there will be 8 hourly slots throughout the day the first being 8am-9am, with each slot having space for 16 customers that will be pre-allocated (more on that later). All remaining RSD stock will be available to purchase online from 6pm, so if you miss out on a slot or don’t feel ready to venture into the city yet then don’t panic - you’ll still get your chance. So, here’s how it's going to work…


In keeping with the first come first served nature of RSD, places in the Shopping Slots will be available to be reserved via our website at 10:00 A.M on Saturday 22nd August. There will be 16 tickets available for each of the 8 slots which are strictly one per person. The cost of a ticket will be £3 as a way of securing the spot. When you come to the shop the £3 paid will either get you a Tote bag to take your new records home in, or will be deducted from the amount you spend in the shop. Below is the link to RSD Shopping Slots on the Jumbo Website.

Click here

You can also find them on the home page or by searching on “RSD 2020”.

It’s been a tough old decision, but this is the fairest way we could see of creating a virtual queue and keeping everyone happy and safe and hope you will think so too. This is new territory for us (something we keep finding ourselves saying as of late) so as ever please go easy on us and remember RSD is a day to celebrate small independent shops and we’re so grateful you chose to spend it with us!


Once you’ve successfully purchased your shopping slot ticket, we’ll send you a confirmation in which we will give you your queue position within your hour time slot which will be clearly marked out on the day - your specific position within this hour will be chosen at random by ballot. We will also get in touch asking for a list of the records that you are after. We're capping the max per person at 15 (don’t forget everything will go online at 6pm anyway!) so feel free to write up to your top 15 and 5 reserved in case things aren’t available. We’re not guaranteeing you’re going to get everything you want, but it will help us prepare for your arrival and to serve you as quickly as possible, meaning you can get in and out safely! Your list isn’t cast in stone and if you decide you’d like something else or don’t want something, then that’s fine. For those that want to send the information in, we will just be using the information as a reference to help serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. If we see your list and think we’ll only have a couple of things for you, then we’ll let you know so you can adjust your plans accordingly - we don’t want to disappoint anyone!


We will have a system in place that maintains the spirit and excitement of a "traditional" RSD. Those people who want to come to the shop will not need to worry about arriving early or having to experience excessive queuing times. You will be able to focus on Enjoying your trip - the anticipation, banter and excitement of seeing what records you are able to get and then getting them home and playing them on your record decks......We can't wait!!




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