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Maybe this is familiar to most, or unique to me, but whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen I tend to soundtrack it by reaching for the radio and popping on BBC 6music. Picture the scene, it's Tuesday and I'd gotten in late with hunger taking hold, and as I start chopping onions Gideon Coe's Late Night Book Club introduces Dee Peyok who proceeds to wax lyrical about her book chronicling the Cambodian music scene.

As Gideon and Dee totally bounce off each other, soundtracked by lots of the amazing musicians in the book, my hunger seems to sate and the cooking goes much slower than usual as I'm drawn deeply into Dee's incredible tales of record collectors literally having to hide their collections away from the destruction of the Khmer Rouge, of the musicians who produced such amazing music and it's almost impossibly enduring memory that's echoed down the years.

After an incredibly late and drawn out tea I ran upstairs to find the few compilations I had of Cambodian music whilst making a mental note to tell my work colleague Kelsey (who's responsible for all the cracking books we order at Jumbo) to track down the publisher and get it in... Its just arrived and it's already top of the pile for my morning commute.

A perfect interview with an awesomely compelling guest. Sometimes you've just got to be at the right place, at the right time (listening to the right channel)- Matt

HERES THE INTERVIEW IN FULL (which is up for the next few weeks)



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