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Jesse Davis / Gus Jenkins - Night Bloomin' Jasmin / Tricky Too

7": £10.99

Label: kent

Release date: 29.03.2024

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Best known for ‘Gonna Hang On In There’, its storming Northern Soul flip side, the more subtle ‘Night Bloomin’ Jasmin’’ also has admirers on the rare soul scene. Modernists, in particular, will go for the suave jazz-elegance of this recording which is even scarcer than its original A side - due to being one of two different flips. The unrelated, bar the L A source of origin, ‘Tricky Too’ by pianist Gus Jenkins is a laidback instrumental groove, written as a sequel to his 1956 smash hit ‘Tricky’. Completed with a hip brass section, it failed to get a release until Ace bought the catalogue, unearthed the tape and slotted it into the 2012 “Mod Jazz Forever” CD.

I've been waiting for 'Night Bloomin Jasmin' to come out on vinyl ever since I first heard it on one of the Mod Jazz series. It's a gorgeous jazzer. The flip on hear is a killer instro with all the right ingredients to liven up a swithced on dancefloor.

By Matt



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